iOS Software
—— iPhone — iPod Touch — iPad ——

Ball — Ball is a simple ball that bounces around the iPhone or iPod Touch screen. It respects the direction of gravity, and as you rotate the device, the ball will fall toward Earth. You can touch and hold the ball to temporarily stop if from bouncing, then flick it off in a new direction.

Circle Theory — Circle Theory is a Circle Of Fifths (sometimes known as a Circle Of Fourths). The Circle Of Fifths is a tool for musicians to assist them in seeing the relationship between notes, provide key signatures for both major and minor scales, and it also has a helpful guide to figure out note intervals per musical mode.

Consider — Consider assists in the decision-making process. Construct weighted lists of advantages and disadvantages toward a particular scenario and have Consider do all the hard work of calculating whether or not to pursue a particular goal.

Dates — Dates quickly shows the age, astrological sign, and Chinese Zodiac for contacts in the iPhone or iPod Touch Contacts database. Dates also conveniently displays a list of pending future dates and dates that have recently occurred.

Guimbarde — Known by many names, the Guimbarde is one of the oldest known musical instruments. Slide a finger along the left or right side of the instrument to change its tone. Tap anywhere else to play a note.

Horn — Because sometimes you just need an Air Horn! Touch the Air Horn and it blasts out its triumphant sound.

Keystroke — Compose messages and notes using a variety of standard keyboards and keypads, including a custom Emoji keyboard. For free.

Meteorology — Meteorology displays comprehensive animated weather radar maps from the NOAA National Weather Service.

Mystery House — Mystery House pioneered the graphic adventure game genre on the Apple II back in the 1980s. Lovingly recreated in all its hand-drawn glory, the iOS version is faithful to the original experience.

Represent — Represent provides various interpretations for computer memory values. Values are shown in both big and little endian forms. Easily see the signed decimal, unsigned decimal, octal, hexadecimal, binary, floating point, ASCII, and Unicode representations of memory.

Slasher — Slasher displays a common kitchen knife on the screen and plays a “horror” sound when you make a stabbing motion.

Stickum — Stickum keeps a list of your favorite copy/paste (pasteboard) items. Easily make lists of frequently used pasteboard items and edit existing pasteboard items.

Waft — Waft plays streaming Internet radio stations. For free.